What’s On At Bricktastic

There’s something amazing wherever you look at Bricktastic – and it’s all LEGO!

Whether inspired by vintage LEGO from the 1980s such as classic space, castle and city, or more recent LEGO themes such as Star Wars, Friends and Minceraft, our master builders will amaze you with their creativity, skill, and sheer number of LEGO bricks.

Fan models

At Bricktastic, some of the UK’s very best LEGO builders will be showcasing their models.

From cars to animals, to historic buildings, there is something for everyone to be inspired by. Bricktastic isn’t just a treat for the eyes, though – come and chat to the builders, ask them questions and learn new techniques and you could be building something to be display yourself.

We have over 200 fan displays booked to attend Bricktastic 2024 – a mixture of large dioramas and more intricate display models.Custom LEGO models on display at Bricktastic

Bricktastic Masters logo

Bricktastic Masters

Watch Master LEGO Builders live create something incredible over three hours from simply the bricks they are given. No planning, no designing. Just LEGO experts hard at work against the clock.

5 teams will compete each day at the following times: 10:30 – 12:00 & 13:30 – 15:00.

The winners will be announced on Sunday at 17:00 and crowned Bricktastic Masters.

Build the Change

Build the Change will be back for 2024!

Build The Change is all about giving children an opportunity to express their ideas for a better future using LEGO® bricks.

Whether it’s an action we can do locally, or an invention that can change the world, all ideas matter and more people need to hear them.

Play pits

Build models of your wildest dreams with our giant LEGO play pits – tens of thousands of LEGO bricks are on hand to create creations large or small.

Build together as a family, or compete against each other. It’s easy to spend hours at the brick pits. Just don’t forget to leave your creations for others to enjoy!

LEGO Marketplace

We have brought together some of the best businesses in the UK to create our LEGO marketplace.

From custom minifigures and vintage LEGO sets to current LEGO sets from popular themes such as LEGO City, Star Wars, Ninjago, Friends, Marvel and DC superheroes and more – there really is something for everyone – and every budget – at Bricktastic.

LEGO activities

And the fun doesn’t stop there – we have LEGO activities running throughout the weekend, so come and get involved! Come and join us:

  • Giant LEGO mosaic design – come and build a section and help us complete it before the end of the weekend!
  • Graffiti walls – come and build street style with our big graffiti walls and create your own tag in LEGO bricks
  • Charity tombola – a LEGO prize every time!
Charity tombola at Bricktastic Manchester
A prize every time on our charity tombola!