Manchester Central, June 30 & July 1 2018


Want a momento of your Bricktastic day?

For those of you that want to shop 'till you drop we have a small number of partners who'll happily sell you anything from single parts, through custom minifigures to vintage sets from the 1980s. There'll also be a range of Bricktastic merchandise available to buy and in doing so support the amazing work of Fairy Bricks.

Not enough people have miniature LEGO versions of themselves or their favourite celebrities. We aim to rectify that by making them for you :)

Coras Creations

Coras Creations

Cora’s Creations has an awesome range of minifigures, sets and almost half a million spare parts. Dedicated to bringing you loads of variety at great prices to fulfil your Lego addiction.


Minifig for Life

Great Bricks and minifigs at pocket money prices



Bricks and Bricks culture are two premium AFOL focussed magazines delivering exclusive content every issue for every LEGO fan. Fuelling your LEGO lifestyle.

Fab bricks

Fab Bricks

At Fab-Bricks we obviously love all things brick and using state of the art machines, we can engrave and personalise bricks, tiles & minifigs with whatever you want.

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Fairy Bricks

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