Manchester Central, June 30 & July 1 2018


There's so much to see at Bricktastic!

There's something amazing wherever you look at Bricktastic and its all made of LEGO! Whether inspired by vintage LEGO from the 1980s such as classic Space, Castle and City or more recent LEGO themes such as STAR WARS, Friends and Minecraft our master builders and professional LEGO designers will amaze you with their creativity, skill and number of bricks!

Fan models

At Bricktastic some of the UK’s very best LEGO builders will be displaying their models. From cars, to animals to historic buildings, there will be something for everyone to be inspired by. However it isn’t just a treat for the eyes, come and chat to them, ask questions and one day you could be building something to be displayed yourself.

We are very lucky to have some actual LEGO designers joining us for the weekend so it’s a chance to find out what it takes to go from an idea in your mind to having a LEGO set in the shops.

We had over 40 fan displays at Bricktastic 2015 and hope to have even more this year - a mixture of large dioramas and more intricate display models. Below are some images from the 2015 displays.

Town model, Huw Millington

Helicopter, Carl Greatrix

Bake-off tent, Lucy Boughton

Central library, Robert Clarkson

Hovercraft, Naomi Farr

Cloudcuckooland, Sally Mansfield–O’Donnell

Bright Bricks

Bright Bricks has conceived, designed and built an amazing array of LEGO models for an increasing number of private and corporate clients. From a 1.7 metres tall electric toothbrush to a gigantic working scale model of the Rolls Royce Dreamliner aero engine, to a world record 35 foot high Christmas tree, the company has earned its reputation as the world’s most innovative and exciting LEGO model maker. At Bricktastic Bright Bricks will be displaying a number of their large scale models which will take your breath away.

Sabre tooth tigher by Bright Bricks

Sabre tooth tigher by Bright Bricks

Sabre tooth tigher by Bright Bricks

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